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Physical Therapy

Whether a patient is recovering from an injury, illness or surgery, we design our physical therapy programs to address a wide range of issues with specific and effective treatment. Physical therapy is a means to many different outcomes, including regaining mobility, managing pain, or overcoming various motion limitations.

Each individual patient has his or her own unique circumstances which must be considered when designing a physical therapy program. Our staff is responsive to each individual in order to create a program with those needs in mind.

(732) 970-0733 for more information.

“I swear by my Forest Hills therapists! They are attentive and genuinely concerned about my pain level. They pushed me when I needed to be pushed and got me home sooner than I anticipated.”

Tom P (resident treated by Diamond Therapy Department at Forest Hills)

“My friends [at Diamond Therapy] know exactly what I needed to get me back on my feet. They helped me get back to life!”

Lucille S (resident treated by Diamond Therapy Department at Forest Hills)

“The Diamond Therapy staff brings a professional, interdisciplinary approach to sub-acute rehab. It feels like they work for the facility despite the outsourced nature of the account.”

Administrator, South Pointe Nursing and Rehab Center