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Progressive Therapy Management for Post-Acute Care

Diamond Therapy was founded by an experienced team of rehabilitation and compliance experts. Our philosophy is rooted in the tenets of healthcare reform, where patient-centered, efficient treatment improves quality and outcomes for our clients and partners across the healthcare continuum.

Why Use a Therapy Contractor?

Attentive and Nurturing Care

Our staff provides high-quality care driven by our passion for our patients. With our commitment to continuing education and professional support, we ensure excellent care with a knowledgeable, caring and responsive staff.

Expense Control

Nobody cares more for patients than their families and loved ones, and so we understand that cost should not be prohibitive to receiving excellent care and effective rehabilitation programs. We believe that everyone deserves excellent care.

Simple Implementation

The most important priority for patients is their recovery and well being, and it should never become secondary to administrative tasks. That is why we place our focus on patient-centered care and clinical excellence.

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“I swear by my Forest Hills therapists! They are attentive and genuinely concerned about my pain level. They pushed me when I needed to be pushed and got me home sooner than I anticipated.”

Tom P (resident treated by Diamond Therapy Department at Forest Hills)

“My friends [at Diamond Therapy] know exactly what I needed to get me back on my feet. They helped me get back to life!”

Lucille S (resident treated by Diamond Therapy Department at Forest Hills)

“The Diamond Therapy staff brings a professional, interdisciplinary approach to sub-acute rehab. It feels like they work for the facility despite the outsourced nature of the account.”

Administrator, South Pointe Nursing and Rehab Center